The Next Chapter for HUMAN

Today, I’m excited to announce our next step in building a company of consequence: the merger of HUMAN Security and PerimeterX. This expansion will allow us to further deliver on the mission to safeguard the integrity of the internet and disrupt the economics of cybercrime through modern defense.

Over the past ten years, HUMAN has gone through many evolutions. Our core in advertising fraud has allowed us to grow to where we are today, protecting 90% of the programmatic ecosystem and enabling us to expand protection to solve numerous use cases across the internet. With our complementary technology, mission-focused teams, and industry-leading products, HUMAN and PerimeterX will create a single source for modern defense, aptly named the Human Defense Platform, that will safeguard organizations from digital attacks of all kinds - including bot attacks, fraud, and account abuse. 

The Human Defense Platform combines the best of both companies, providing exceptional detection and threat intelligence capabilities, built around more than 600 core algorithms and the network effect of verifying more than 15 trillion interactions per week. The combined set of technologies, ease of use, broad ecosystem integrations, white glove service, and industry-leading analytics and dashboards gives our customers the ability to rapidly deploy the technology and see immediate value with minimal or no code changes. 

Getting to this stage is no small feat, and is not done in a year or two, or even 10 years. It takes focus and effort, and the pain of maturing through many phases. Companies do not become great because of the market they choose, or even because of the stated mission. Companies become great because of the people that choose to dedicate themselves to turn a vision into a reality. This requires a clear and specific strategy that not only drives the business, but builds a community by creating a shared sense of purpose. Foundational to this is great technology that not only solves an important problem for the internet, and a large enough addressable market of customers, but is worth the precious time, energy, and investment to solve. 

Every day we’re focused on solving the complex and ever changing challenge of protecting the internet. Every day we’re working to build a company of consequence, one that moves the needle and tips the scale towards good. Doing both of these things can only be done by protecting our customers and achieving sustainable growth and profitability to allow the company to continue to fund innovation and to take the necessary risks to deliver on our mission. 

We have no small task ahead of us. This merger accelerates our scale and impact, doubles our resources, and improves our ability to empower our clients to stay on offense against cybercriminals in this complex ecosystem. This is a fight worth fighting. It has been, and will continue to be a journey, but we are grateful to welcome more Humans, with a shared vision and set of values to drive us forward. 

I'm excited for what’s to come.