Meet A Human: Maxence Duclos

At HUMAN, we believe everyone is a hacker. But even though we share a similar mindset and a common mission, we know that our true strength lies in the diverse people and backgrounds that make our team a community. Learn what it’s like to work with us through the experiences of our Humans. 

 Meet Maxence Duclos 

Maxence Duclos was impressed by HUMAN long before stepping into his role as marketing operations manager. He got to know the company while working for a former employer that utilized their services to mitigate bot traffic.  

“We were always going out to events with HUMAN,” Max says. “I saw how their employees interacted and how they loved their job. They showed so much enthusiasm for the work the company was doing. I always wondered what it was like to work there.” 

When his former colleague informed him that she was moving on to HUMAN and asked if he would be interested in pursuing a career there, too, Max didn’t hesitate. Nearly a year into his role, Max says he has seen more opportunity than at any other company he has worked with. And, in his time at HUMAN thus far, Max has discovered that the professional growth he experiences on the job carries over into his personal life in a way that amplifies his journey—like when he utilized skillsets such as patience, logistics, and thinking outside of the box to plan, execute, and successfully complete a trip to Pamplona, Spain to run with bulls.  

Describe your role at HUMAN. 

“I’m the marketing operations manager. At HUMAN, we have lead funnels that stem from events, our website, or external communications that attract people to visit our website or ask questions about our services. I manage all those leads. No matter how the lead comes in, they cross my desk and I have to efficiently and effectively send them out to our business development representatives or our sales reps. On any given day, I’m working with thousands of leads. What I love most about it is that I feel I am making an impact on the company by getting someone the help that they need. I can work wherever I am in the world, and I am able to make a difference in people’s business.”  

What teams do you get to collaborate with? 

“My position is a band of one, but I do get support from a number of different people and teams, such as content creators and the finance and legal teams. HUMAN is a tight-knit community, and we work hand in hand with a lot of different components of the company.”  

Have you had a chance to meet your colleagues in person?  

“We recently got together for a few days. It was refreshing to be together and know these are real people with real emotions, lives, and families—and jokes. Those in-person interactions make a big difference.” 

HUMAN’s website says that every Human is a hacker in their own right. In what ways are you a hacker? 

“I like to find ways to break things and say, ‘We broke it. Why did we break it, and how can we fix it so someone else can’t break it in the future?’ I also like to read the fine print and hold companies accountable on their promise.” 

Describe a day in your life working at HUMAN. 

“Typically, I get up around 7:30 a.m. and take my dog for a walk. When I get back, I journal, plan, and read my affirmations. Then I look at my phone for the first time to check email and see if any leads came in overnight, grab something to eat, and prepare myself for morning meetings. After attending meetings, I dive into some work to organize and follow up on contacts. I block out an hour for lunch and then come back to either afternoon meetings or dedicated time to focus on working through leads, understanding funnels, and teeing up workflows. That leads me to 5:00 p.m., when I go to the gym and do it all over again the next day.”  

How did your experience at HUMAN help you prepare to run with the bulls in Spain? 

“That was one of the most terrifying experiences in my life, but it was very fulfilling. HUMAN has taught me to be more intentional with my days, which helped me be very meticulous with the logistics of how I planned that trip. At first, I was going solo, then I told a couple of my friends that I was doing it and my group grew to six people. Not only did I have to prepare my friends, but I also had to prepare myself. I had to make sure that we were trained and could do it. I also wanted to make sure we were safe and had an expectation of what was going to go down—and could get out of the situation if we needed to. The run itself was all of three minutes long, but it felt like six months. I’m thankful that I have HUMAN as an employer, where I could take that trip and my job was still secure.” 

What advice do you have for future Humans? 

“Live and think outside the box. HUMAN is very open, so don’t be afraid to speak up. If you want to talk to the CFO or the CEO, they’re willing to listen. Be yourself and ask a lot of questions. That’s the only way you learn and grow.”  

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