Keeping Marketing Human

For years, leading advertising platforms, brands, and publishers have been counting on White Ops to protect them from ad fraud. Today, we save our customers millions of dollars each year by identifying and blocking bots across their desktop, mobile, and CTV environments in real-time, before a bid is made. We make sure that advertisers spend money only on inventory that will be viewed by humans.

However, bots aren’t just being used to siphon money from the programmatic advertising ecosystem. There is also another, less obvious way that bots can wreak havoc to websites: simply visiting your website pages in the first place. Today’s marketers are using a variety of tactics (and spending billions of dollars) to drive visitors to their website in order to generate leads and acquire new customers.

Since fraudsters always follow the money, we started looking for evidence of fraud occurring directly on customer websites. We began monitoring our customers’ campaign landing pages and pages with forms to give them a view of how many sophisticated bots were visiting their websites. We examined more than 544 million page views over a three month period.

The results were shocking. On pages with forms, we found that bots sometimes made up more than 40% of the overall traffic. One leading car manufacturer worked with us to learn that nearly one in four visitors to a test drive sign up page was fake. An insurance company we worked with found that a similar percentage of their leads were from bots, and was able to increase their marketing conversion rate and improve efficiency by turning off the sources that generated these non-human leads.

What does this mean for marketers? Bots that visit your website can lead to wasted money and time on sales follow up and retargeting, skewed website analytics, and more.

Announcing White Ops for Marketing Integrity

For years, marketers have been relying on CAPTCHAs and other web solutions to detect fake form fills. While many solutions detect known bots that exhibit simple, obviously fake behaviors, they don’t detect today’s sophisticated bots that intimately mimic human behavior.

I am pleased to share that White Ops has released a new offering designed to protect marketers’ websites and customer acquisition efforts from sophisticated bots. White Ops’ Marketing Integrity is built on our core multilayered detection engine, which detects bots with unprecedented accuracy. Moreover, since White Ops works with leading internet and advertising platforms, our detection is built on the visibility of 1 trillion transactions each week.

Today, our customers are using White Ops for Marketing Integrity to measure the level of bot vs human traffic on their website and analyze sources of bot traffic to inform advertising and lead generation strategies.

It is essential that companies are able to detect sophisticated bots in order to ensure they are doing business with real humans. Marketers can start today by seeing how much of their website traffic is being driven from bots.

Test drive White Ops Marketing Integrity today.