Keeping “Keep It Human” Human

This year to date, White Ops has received not only one but two Best Places to Work recognitions. I see these awards as a great form of acknowledging not only White Ops as a company, but also all the great work that our humans are doing here. White Ops “Keeps it Human” both with our clients and partners, and internally with our team members, and this is another great example of that being highlighted. We deeply value the humans that work with us and what they bring to the table. Awards like these add a much-needed spotlight on a well-deserving organization.  

I’m the head of the People Ops organization within White Ops, but I am by no means saying the People team is the sole owner or group responsible for building a great culture. I’m immensely proud of the work my team has done: getting White Ops named to a “best places to work” list is a phenomenal accomplishment, and it is great to know that our work has a direct tie to it. Our ever-evolving role is to support and enrich the experience our humans have while a part of the organization, and we work alongside other great humans to push us to even further. 

Yes, these accolades help add a shine to our organization in a positive way—and of course helps with finding more great humans to join our team—but it is more than just that. It shows that our folks are engaged and doing the best work of their lives. We are empowering our humans to do great things both inside and outside the walls of White Ops. 

1-20 Delta-V Group Picture

Our core company values include: Be a Hacker, Create Tau, Be Good, Pwn It, Move Fast and Practice Humility. These practices encompass the great balance we have, wherein we are able to focus on the task at hand, and what we need to do to continue to be a great place to work.

It makes me happy—relieved, really—to see that there are organizations out there like us that are changing the way work is done. Organizations and People functions do not need to be 'churn and burn'. We can provide opportunities for growth, challenge, and of course friendly debates among teammates. It shows me that we are standing by our values and, most importantly, doing the right thing in regards to our people especially in today’s difficult business environment.

The organizations on these lists are showing us new creative ways to work and engage great talent. We all can learn from each other and continue to be great places to work. We can do this by keeping our people top of mind and bringing them along on this journey and remembering to Keep it Human.