IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement SDK

What is Open Measurement SDK?

The IAB Tech Lab announced the launch of an Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK) on April 11, 2018. OM SDK is operated by The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab to facilitate third-party measurement for ads served to mobile app environments – without requiring multiple ad measurement service providers’ Software Development Kit (SDK).

The development of a single SDK enabling third-party ad measurement is an industry-wide effort. It will be used by integration partners – such as app publishers and ad SDK developers – as well as measurement providers. White Ops supports and encourages the adoption, integration, and use of the OM SDK for streamlined verification and viewability measurement.

Why shared source code?

OM SDK was built to ensure advertisers can choose which partner to use for mobile app measurement, while also allowing supply side publishers and exchanges to avoid the cumbersome task of having to integrate with all verification vendors to effectively support their buyers.

Additionally, OM SDK was designed for mobile app environments-only, because SDKs are typically required to enable accurate viewability measurement.

Wait, do we still need to work with a measurement vendor?

Yes – OM SDK is meant to work in tandem with a measurement vendor, not instead; OM SDK v1 applies only to viewability verification of ads rendering for mobile app inventory.

How does it work?

Market adoption of OM SDK will support scaling mobile app measurement, increase confidence and flexibility for buyers, and consolidate fragmented inventory. Major mobile app publishers and ad SDK providers (as well as third-party measurement providers) tested OM SDK in a limited release period starting in October 2017, helping ensure its readiness for industry-wide use.

The full onboarding guide is available at

White Ops’ participation

White Ops is a member of OM SDK Working Group and a keen supporter of the broader initiative.