Here’s to the Game Changers: The Fight Against Cybercrime with White Ops on Snowflake Data Marketplace

Helicopters shouldn’t fly. 

Look at them, there’s no way: they’re oddly shaped vessels of steel with only large, thin blades to carry them. I’m a helicopter pilot and even I can’t believe they can fly sometimes. It’s magic; they float into the air with ease. It’s a feat of physics and engineering that has made what looks impossible, possible.

That’s how I feel when I think about Snowflake. When Snowflake reached out to us back in 2014 (see the original note below) about changing the technology database game I didn’t see how they could, but I was intrigued. Here was a founding team made up of former employees from Oracle and other large data players looking to disrupt database technology from the ground up. When we met with Snowflake and their leadership team for the first time I remember them saying that they had worked on the code for two years to get it just right. 

I’ve been working in this industry for decades, I know the constraints. Yet when we implemented their product and flipped the switch to on, magic happened. What didn’t seem possible in database technology became possible. They made it easy for us to have massive amounts of White Ops anti-fraud data populate in seconds. 

The ease of their technology is why we decided to work with Snowflake back then and why we still love working with them now. Their commitment to sharing and collaboration is completely inline with what we’re doing. Instead of us trying to figure out how to securely ship mountains of data over the internet, they built an interface with the right encryptions so we can move data like it’s a cup of water, rather than a lake. In this email from Tom (who is still at Snowflake) I heard the potential, but I was skeptical. As I so aptly put back then, these are some compelling statements. And they were right to make them.

Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 1.08.14 PM
Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 1.08.35 PM

While we missed being Snowflake’s first customer by a week back in 2014, White Ops has been proud to work with Snowflake ever since. I feel like we grew up together; White Ops was only 2 years old when they reached out. Seeing them disrupt the market, go public, and start this new chapter is not surprising - growth like this happens when ambitious technology works. Six years later, we’re both changing the game as we now verify the humanity of more than 10 trillion interactions a week and Snowflake has more than 4,000 customers. That power, together with White Ops’ services (now available in the Snowflake Data Marketplace), gives customers (including our joint customer Kargo) the keys to the ultimate level of protection from fraud and sophisticated bot attacks.

Accelerating Collective Protection 

At White Ops, we talk about the idea of collective protection a lot; it’s woven into the fabric of our mission to disrupt the economics of cybercrime. We believe that when the entire ecosystem works together, we can win the war against fraud and abuse online together. White Ops solutions span the entire digital customer journey, from protecting programmatic advertising and holistic marketing campaigns to protecting user applications from unwanted interactions with bot-wielding cybercriminals and bad actors. In making White Ops proprietary customer datasets for our complete product portfolio— Advertising Integrity, Marketing Integrity, and Application Integrity— available in Snowflake Data Marketplace, we’re able to safely share customer data with ease and efficiency. With this insight, customers can take control of their fraud protection by continuously adapting and optimizing over time. The more teams and individuals across our customers who can easily access and work with White Ops data, the more collective visibility and agility we gain together in the global fight against cybercrime.

How White Ops and Snowflake Work Together

My degree is in mechanical engineering and when I would think about building a car or an airplane, I realized that the feedback loop is long. If you design a car it will take  a decade to learn your mistakes and redo it the next time. So the moment you start to democratize data, it makes for less feedback loops. The byproduct of accessibility of data is business speed. 

Once White Ops customer data access is provisioned upon request through Snowflake Data Marketplace, customers can immediately begin querying granular digital fraud and analytics data from Snowflake. They can integrate it further for deeper analysis with other data sources and easily share data with other organizational users like SQL analysts, data scientists and business users working in 3rd party BI tools like Looker. 

Here are a few specific ways customers can immediately benefit from accessing White Ops datasets on Snowflake Data Marketplace:

  • Combining White Ops Advertising Integrity datasets with other proprietary data by joining on Publisher or Supplier ID to analyze human and bot composition rates with enhanced context.
  • Merging White Ops Marketing Integrity data with other digital marketing campaign data by joining on session or browser level identifiers to enable deeper analysis of the bot journey and behavior across websites and marketing campaigns.
  • Joining White Ops Application Integrity data to client SIEM datasets based on Transaction or User ID for deeper investigation and accelerated agility in containing security incidents.

Making White Ops’ product datasets available on Snowflake Data Marketplace takes the time and resource-intensive work of integrating data off our customers’ shoulders so they can focus on what’s important: rich analytical insight and data-driven decisions to continuously prevent fraud and optimize digital engagement for authentic, human audiences.

Snowflake’s technology makes me think about Arthur C. Clarke’s famous quote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” . This magic has changed the database technology game. Our customer can now flip a switch and White Ops’ anti-fraud data instantly shows up in their database. I want to thank the team at Snowflake as they have helped us do our job better in protecting our customers. So to them I say, here’s to the game changers. 

To learn more about how White Ops fights cybercrime with Snowflake and AWS, register for our webinar on November 19th at 4 p.m. ET or explore a deep technical read on how our engineering team made the magic happen . If you want to learn more about the benefits of using White Ops in Snowflake Data Marketplace today, reach out to us at