Bringing White Ops Application Integrity to AWS Cloud Marketplace

Online marketplaces are disrupting enterprise software procurement, offering an explosion of software vendor variety and options to meet buyers where they are. Simplified procurement and access to a plethora of fast, easy, and effective options are among several reasons that according to Gartner, online marketplaces will be a dominant channel for the procurement of infrastructure operations software by 2024.

Today I’m excited to announce a significant milestone for the online marketplace of fast, easy options to protect enterprise applications from sophisticated bot attacks and fraud— said marketplace’s first available product, White Ops Application Integrity in the AWS Marketplace.


Why the Need?

Despite decades of secure software development practices, web applications are today’s primary weakness when it comes to security breaches, much in part due to the rise of automated account takeover attacks by bots bearing stolen or cracked user credentials. The severity and risk of this attack method is growing as it is becoming an increasingly popular method among cybercriminals. And application security teams can’t prevent what they can’t see.

The bot fraud-related pain points I experience fall well outside my professional role as a solution partner for enterprise application security teams. Recently I overheard a father trying to comfort his young son on a park bench when all the boy’s precious in-app game loot was stolen by another user who couldn’t have possibly managed that as a single, human player. Sadly in our everyday digital lives, the unmistakable work of bots is everywhere.

To prevent these devastating experiences for children and adults alike, businesses have resorted to adding friction in the form of CAPTCHAs—those time wasters that require one to solve a puzzle in order to verify one’s humanity. Unfortunately sophisticated bots can easily workaround most CAPTCHAs, so these businesses end up adding friction for only humans, not bot-enabled fraud and abuse patterns. Also, paying humans to solve CAPTCHAs is extraordinarily cheap with prices as long as $.60/1000 CAPTCHAs.


White Ops to the Rescue at Cloud Scale

Rapidly evolving from our roots deep and wide as the ad industry’s gold standard in fraud protection, White Ops launched Application Integrity at RSAC 2020 to protect enterprise applications from sophisticated bot attacks and fraud, including account takeover, credential stuffing, new account fraud, fraudulent transactions and more. Within eight months we’ve partnered with enterprise customers across the financial & insurance, retail, education, internet, healthcare, and media & entertainment industries to help solve the fraud problem for their business and their authentic human customers. Our privacy-by-design technology serves as the first line of defense from fraud for logins and transactions, ensuring the integrity of interactions and supporting consumer brand trust.

Today’s announcement marks yet another milestone for our momentum, making it easier than ever for AWS Marketplace customers to procure and adopt White Ops’ bot mitigation solution from their preferred online marketplace. White Ops’ mission to disrupt the economics of cybercrime aims to tip the balance back in favor of the security teams that protect their customers’ digital experience. With collective protection, now delivered at the scale of AWS Marketplace, we win by making it more expensive for the criminals to succeed than for the collective ecosystem to defend.

White Ops’ Application Integrity solution can be found on AWS Marketplace, here. Reach out to to learn more.