A Brand New MediaGuard Dashboard

Over the past few months, we’ve been giving the MediaGuard dashboard a complete overhaul. While the key data points – like the number of bots blocked – were always clear, users told us that they needed more context to understand other parts of the dashboard. As a result, we developed the new design to be much more intuitive, match the rest of our product, and prioritize clear data visualization.

MG-framed computer-feb2018.png

We’re excited to announce that the update is finally complete! With the new MediaGuard dashboard, you can look forward to:

Better Understanding of MediaGuard’s Effectiveness

The new MediaGuard dashboard shows users their Pre-Serve IVT (the fraud rate in an unprotected environment) and your Post-Serve IVT (the fraud rate after blocking) so they can see what types of fraud that MediaGuard is protecting them from. Keep an eye on the Pre-Serve IVT rates — if they increase over time, there could be some fraudulent sources upstream.

Total IVT Potential

Previously, we used metrics like Bypass Rate and Shield Potential to show users where MediaGuard wasn't working to its full potential. Unfortunately, the meanings of those terms weren’t always easy for our users to understand. We’ve replaced them with a much clearer chart, one that places your current Post-Serve IVT rate and the Potential IVT rate side-by-side. This allows you to see what would happen if you were using MediaGuard to block more traffic.

Coverage Clarity

This metric is designed to help users understand whether MediaGuard is correctly measuring their Post-Serve impressions. Low coverage rates (sub-90%) are an indication that something may not be working as expected, and that users should investigate the problem further.

Be on the lookout for new changes in early 2018! Speak with your account manager if you’re interested in getting access to the brand new dashboard.