2020 TAG Cyber Security Annual Report And White Ops

Today we announced that White Ops was selected by TAG Cyber as a Distinguished Vendor for bot mitigation in their 2020 Security Annual. This is an important milestone for White Ops for several reasons.

This is not your typical analyst firm. Their objective is unique: "to democratize world-class cyber security industry research and analysis". What that means is they offer their research and analysis for free to the benefit of security teams around the globe.

TAG Cyber’s 2020 Security Annual was recently published and you can get it for free here. In the report, they offer the content within not only for free, but also for distribution: "this publication may be freely reproduced, freely quoted, freely distributed, or freely transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photo- copying, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system without need to request permission from the publisher, so long as the content is neither changed nor attributed to a different source." This is the complete opposite of what other analyst firms say, and it's a refreshing approach to sharing knowledge to help security teams make better decisions faster to protect their organization from cyber threats.

Tag Cyber’s CEO is Dr. Ed Amoroso. He is an incredibly well-respected cyber security leader. He recently retired from AT&T after thirty-one years of service, beginning in Unix security R&D at Bell Labs and culminating as Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer of AT&T from 2004 to 2016. He was elected an AT&T Fellow in 2010 and has worked directly with four Presidential administrations on issues related to national security, critical infrastructure protection, and cyber policy. The net is, when Ed speaks, security leaders listen. Not only that, he is just a great guy.

As part of the 2020 Annual Report, Ed interviewed Tamer Hassan, White Ops' CEO and Co-founder. In the interview, Tamer explains the architectures of the most sophisticated botnets, detailing how they nearly perfectly mimic human behaviors when they take over accounts, commit payment fraud, click on ads, visit websites, or fill out forms. What makes bots dangerous is the ease with which a cybercriminal can scale up their activity. That is, anything that can be done by a human, can be done faster and cheaper with an attack by a million bots, making them an appealing option for growing a nefarious business.

The White Ops team is proud to be recognized as a 2020 TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor for our efforts in the prevention, detection, and mitigation of sophisticated bot-based attacks and fraud. Sophisticated bots are quickly becoming a major issue for all enterprises and across several attack vectors, including ad fraud, marketing fraud and automated attacks.

We're very passionate about stopping these attacks and crimes, as our mission is "to protect the internet by verifying the humanity of every online interaction and disrupt the economics of cybercrime." And just to emphasize, we mean it. Our bot mitigation platform can detect, prevent and outwit bot populations of every level of sophistication and does so today more than 1 trillion times per week. We get inside our adversaries’ OODA loops with proactive adaptation. Our unique approach to bot mitigation put us in the lead role to collaborate with the FBI, Google, Facebook and many other partners in the takedown of 3ve, one of the largest botnets ever defeated.

We look forward to collaborating further with Ed and the entire TAG Cyber team. Their unique approach to freely share industry research and analysis is one we fully support. One of my good friends in the industry once said that "cyber security is a team sport." The takedown of 3ve and the TAG Cyber report are great examples of how collaboration can have a disproportionate impact on protecting the world from threat actors.