What are marketers seeing and doing about marketing fraud?

Today's performance marketers are testing new tactics and vendors all the time, using the results of those tests to inform new campaign strategies. But if the data that's gathered during those tests isn't human, it can make decisions that follow in the chain less informed and accurate. 

HUMAN and Renegade surveyed performance marketing leaders about marketing fraud. The 2021 Marketing Fraud Benchmarking Survey and Report examines what marketing leaders are seeing and doing today about the challenges of marketing fraud.

Looking back to look forward

The 2021 Marketing Fraud Benchmarking Survey and Report uncovered a number of compelling findings about the awareness and response to the phenomenon of marketing fraud. Those findings caused one career inbound marketer to question what he thought he knew about campaign performance at previous jobs.


Read the blog post by report author Adam Sell for a glimpse into what the report's findings mean for marketers with boots on the ground.


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Key findings from the report:


More than one in five marketers believe their database is at least a quarter full of bots.


The vast majority of marketers are concerned about new privacy regulations, but less than half regularly scrub fake contacts.


60% of marketers said they were average or worse at managing marketing fraud.


Two-thirds of marketers said they had personally experienced marketing fraud in the past 12 months.

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Do the numbers in the 2021 Marketing Fraud Benchmarking Survey and Report hit a little close to home? Interested to find out just how much of the first-party database you're working with is made up of sophisticated bots, and how much of an impact those bots are having on your performance marketing campaigns and metrics?

Give us a shout - we'd be happy to take you through how much you could save with Marketing Integrity. We'll even give you a free risk assessment to help you determine what tools and tactics may be contributing to your bot population.