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HUMAN vs GeoEdge

Learn why HUMAN is a leader in malvertising protection.

Key Advantages HUMAN Has Over GeoEdge

Disrupt Malvertisers’ ROI

cleanAD flips the economics of malvertising on its head.

  • Removes malicious ad behavior for publishers while still allowing the ad to render, forcing malvertisers to pay for impressions without their expected reward
  • Protects platforms by blocking malicious ads from entering the bidding process 
  • Allows platforms to deliver and publishers to serve clean ads without missing out on ad revenue
  • Behavioral analysis means more precise detection of malicious code, leading to fewer costly false positives
Human GeoEdge Disrupt Malvertisers ROI
Human GeoEdge Easily Protect All Creative Formats

Easily Protect All Creative Formats

cleanAD makes it easy to protect all ad units on site with simple setup and painless maintenance.

  • Implemented via page-level code for publishers and a  threat feed API for platforms that require no customer overhead
  • Provides real-time protection of every creative format, including video impressions
  • Offers protection from novel threats without relying on maintaining blocklists or updating creative wrapping
  • cleanAD’s blocklist-free solution means no large blocklist files adding to page latency

Unparalleled Internet Visibility

cleanAD is powered by the Human Defense Platform, which has unmatched visibility across the ad ecosystem.

  • Verifies more than 20 trillion interactions per week and observes 3 billion unique devices worldwide each month
  • Leverages real-time data from the world’s largest fraud sensor network, built over the past 12 years
  • Identifies emerging threats better and faster than anyone else
Human GeoEdge Unparalleled Internet Visibility

Comparing HUMAN to GeoEdge

Economic Impact



With page-level implementation and known threat feed API, cleanAD immediately delivers protection against novel threats.

All Formats

cleanAD protects all creative on a page, including video. The solution sits on the page and does not require creative wrapping.

Make Malvertisers Pay

Only cleanAD prevents bad ad behavior while allowing ad impressions to fire for publishers, forcing malvertisers to pay without their reward.


cleanAD runs seamlessly in the background, providing continuously updated protection without adding load time.

Global Visibility

HUMAN has the world’s largest fraud sensor network—including implementations with the largest supply-side and ad tech platforms—for unmatched insight into emerging threats.

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Blocklists and creative wrapping leave you vulnerable, needing to be updated every time a new threat is identified.

Limited Formats

GeoEdge’s creative wrapping is limited to display and native creative formats, leaving you open to audio and video attacks.

Block and Replace

GeoEdge blocks the ad and then requests the exchange to refill the unit with a new ad, potentially leaving publishers and platforms on the hook for lost revenue.

Bulky List Load

Blocklists grow as threats are identified and added, increasing latency due to the checks needed to load.

Limited Exposure

GeoEdge’s network visibility is significantly smaller, with limited visibility into novel threats.

Why Customers Trust HUMAN

HUMAN is trusted by more than 500+ customers to safeguard them from bots, ad fraud, and account abuse.
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