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HUMAN vs Arkose Labs

Learn why HUMAN is a leader in online fraud mitigation, combating sophisticated bots and digital fraud across multiple industries and use cases.

Key Advantages HUMAN Has Over Arkose Labs

Minimal Friction for You and Your Customers

HUMAN solutions provide maximum protection against fraud and abuse with minimal impact to organizations’ workflows and their customers’ journeys.

  • 99.99% of real users are validated without the need for a challenge (e.g., CAPTCHA)
  • For the 0.01% that do require validation, Human Challenge is a low friction verification tool that users simply press and hold
  • Low latency - decisions are made at the edge in under 2ms without a server to server call
HUMAN-Minimal Friction for You and Your Customers
HUMAN-Dedicated Account Security

Dedicated Account Security

HUMAN’s solutions work together to provide a true multi-layered defense against account takeover attacks and account fraud.

  • Secure your accounts at login against sophisticated bots launching credential stuffing, brute force, and other automated attacks
  • Monitor accounts for suspicious activity post-login to identify fraudulent users and neutralize compromised and fake accounts
  • Stop logins that use compromised credentials to prevent account takeovers before they occur

Unmatched Threat Visibility

With HUMAN you benefit from the world’s largest fraud sensor network, dedicated threat intelligence teams and a unified defense platform.

  • HUMAN verifies 20 trillion interactions every week with up to 2,500+ signals parsed through 350+ algorithms
  • Unlike many other vendors, HUMAN collects signals both at the edge and client-side
  • All HUMAN solutions are accessed in the same intuitive management console
HUMAN-Unmatched Threat Visibility

Comparing HUMAN to Arkose Labs

Account Attack Surface



99.99% of legitimate users have zero friction. The remaining 0.01% get a user-friendly challenge that they simply press and hold to solve.


‘Bot or not’ decisions are made at the edge in under 2ms. Server to server calls are only executed in less than 5% of requests.


Continuous post-login monitoring of accounts for suspicious behaviors to identify compromised and fake accounts.

Credential Stuffing

Threat intelligence flags stolen and compromised credentials, rendering them useless for attackers. Can initiate password resets.


Create fully customizable policies directly from the management console. If you require assistance, support is available 24/7/365 to help you.

Human-Arkose Logo-White



CAPTCHAs can introduce a high level of friction, frustrating users and driving page abandonment.


Not transparent about latency information. Server to server calls are made on every request.


Detection focused on the point of login and registration. Detects the use of suspicious emails, but does not detect suspicious behavior after login.


Stops users handing over credentials in a phishing attack. Accounts remain vulnerable to credentials  from third-party breaches.

Assistance Needed

Some self-serve options. Customization is mainly performed in tandem with the support team.

Why Customers Trust HUMAN

HUMAN is trusted by more than 465 customers to safeguard them from bots, fraud, and account abuse.
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