Secure 2024: Forrester Wave™ Q2 2022 Showcases Leading Bot Management Solutions

HUMAN vs Akamai

Learn why HUMAN is a leader over Akamai Bot Manager in bot and online fraud mitigation, combating abuse across multiple industries and use cases.

Customers and Analysts Agree

HUMAN offers the leading customer experience, sophisticated technology, and strategy in Bot Detection and Mitigation to organizations across the globe.
HUMAN ranked #1 Bot Mitigation Vendor in G2's Summer 2023 Report due to high customer satisfaction and market presence
HUMAN Named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™: Bot Management, Q2 2022

Key Advantages of HUMAN Over Akamai Bot Manager

Modern Defense Against Fraud and Cyberthreats

HUMAN solutions provide maximum protection against fraud and abuse with minimal impact to organizations’ day-to-day workflows.

  • Modern, cloud-native defenses based on machine learning and behavioral analysis.
  • Easily configure policies, define new rules, and update or adjust any HUMAN-managed rules from the management console.
  • All updates are applied automatically with no downtime, so you never have to schedule another change window.

HUMAN stops bots best

HUMAN’s visibility advantage puts you in a unique position to win against attackers.

  • Fewer false positives - industry-leading detection efficacy means you only block bots.
  • Ultimate policy flexibility - stop bots the most effective way for your business, first, second, or anytime they visit.
  • Dedicated experts - specialist guidance for deployment and tuning means you always have the most effective protection against attacks.

24/7 Live Support That’s There if You Need It

Cloud-native deployment, configuration and management of HUMAN solutions are as simple as possible, but our support team is always available if you need it. 

  • All HUMAN solutions are accessed in the same intuitive management console.
  • Custom rules and response actions can be defined straight from the console, without raising a change request or waiting for a response from support.
  • 24/7 global support team. Slack, telephone, and email contact options are all available - whichever and whenever suits you best.

Feature Comparison: HUMAN & Akamai Bot Manager

User Experience
Policy Changes
Bot Challenge


Unique Detection Efficacy 

HUMAN’s visibility advantage, with more than 3 billion devices observed monthly, puts you in a unique position to win against attackers.


HUMAN provides attack type details and executive-level metrics around operational efficiency, protected revenue, and user experience impact.

Modern Interface

HUMAN provides rich analytics through the Human portal with pre-built and customizable dashboards.


Custom rules and response actions can be defined straight from the console, without raising a change request or waiting for a response from support.


Our user verification tool, Human Challenge, is the most user-friendly CAPTCHA on the market.  It appears as a simple button that users press and hold, capturing useful data behind-the-scenes to weed out bad bots and gather feedback to improve future detections.


HUMAN offers a wide range of integration options including SDKs, CDNs, web servers and Cloud platforms

Human Security-Key Integrations-Akamai


Limited Efficacy

Many Akamai customers supplement their Akamai protection with HUMAN, relying on us to provide better protection from bots with fewer false positives.

Limited Detail

Akamai reports do not provide information on attack types.

Aged Interface

The Akamai management interface provides list-based detail and appears old-fashioned.

Support Required

Akamai needs professional services, billed separately, for each activation, analysis, or change.


Akamai doesn’t provide a CAPTCHA. Many customers instead resort to using reCAPTCHA, which is up to 6x slower than Human Challenge and has a 3-5x higher abandonment rate. Furthermore, because reCAPTCHA is from a third party, it provides no feedback loop.


Akamai has fewer deployment options. This means less flexibility in designing your architecture and may require additional work to fully integrate.

Why Customers Trust HUMAN

HUMAN is trusted by more than 465 customers to safeguard them from bots, fraud, and account abuse.
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