Michael McNally

Chief Technology Officer

"The depth and breadth of the skills that Satori’s researchers have is phenomenal. From former intelligence officials to white-hat hackers to go-to-market experts and engineers, we have a wonderful luxury of a talented team and a broad bailiwick to work in. I’m eager to see what Satori produces this year and beyond."

Michael McNally is an experienced engineering professional with 10+ years of experience leading anti-fraud, spam, and abuse efforts to protect businesses like Google and Facebook. At Facebook, he served as the Director of Engineering of News Feed Integrity, addressing misinformation (“fake news”), adversarial exploitation of feed ranking, and negative user experiences. Prior to that he led the fight against ad fraud at Google, as the Director of Software Engineering: Ad Traffic Quality and Publisher Quality.

McNally brings his engineering prowess to HUMAN as Chief Scientist where he oversees strategies for detection and mitigation of fraudulent and abusive activity. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from California State University, Northride and a Masters of Science in Computer Science from UCLA.