Bots Don't Take Off for the Holidays

This year's Black Friday kickoff to the holiday shopping season was unique, to say the least. COVID continues to impact brick-and-mortar retailers, pushing shoppers toward e-commerce mechanisms for a broad variety of purchases.

Sophisticated bots already pose a significant threat to online retailers across a number of fraud models, but this year may set new records. Read more about how bots and the people that deploy them are gearing up for the holiday season.

How do bots target retailers?


Account takeover: Bots can break into user accounts and steal credit card information to sell on the black market.


Retargeting Fraud: Bots can accept cookies on your site, causing your retargeting platforms to try to follow them all over the internet.


Lead-generation fraud: Bots can waste your marketing efforts by clicking on ads placed through third parties.


Inventory fraud: Bots can swarm in and buy up all of the inventory at the launch of a high-profile release, preventing real fans from getting any.

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White Ops recently published a new report, "#BotFriday: Threats to E-Commerce and How to Stop Them", which looks at several threat models sophisticated bots can carry out against retailers with e-commerce presences, as well as the impact they may have on holiday shopping.


Download the report here.




The short version? Bots have a lot of tricks up their sleeves when it comes to making your holiday season plans a nightmare. Any one of these bot tactics can be troublesome, but brands need to be on the lookout for all five to prevent that doomsday scenario.


Read the overview here.


Just the facts, ma'am

Here's a look at some of the numbers around fraud in retail and e-commerce.

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Leading retail companies lose as much as $20,000 every day to bot-based marketing fraud.

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Getting to compliant is a marathon, not a sprint: 75% of marketing leaders are concerned about privacy regulations, but less than half scrub their database for fake contacts regularly.

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Bots can be sneakier and smarter than you might imagine. 40% of marketing leaders aren’t sure how much of their web traffic is bots.

How low can you go?

The big thing to remember about fraud is that seemingly small numbers can have big impacts. A 1% fraud rate might not sound like anything to be worried about, but it translates into millions of dollars wasted every year or thousands of customer accounts compromised.

Want to know what your fraud rate is on your web application or performance marketing? Fill out the form - we'll work with you to take a look at your web application or campaigns and give you a free Bot Report.