Bot Baseline Report: 
Fraud in Digital Advertising

For the fourth time, White Ops and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) have teamed up to produce the industry benchmark on ad fraud.

In this year's report, 50 ANA member companies participated in the study, enabling White Ops to track sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) across 130,000 ad placements and 27 billion ad impressions over the course of two months.

Read the executive summary of the Bot Baseline Report, and download the full report to learn more.

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The fourth Bot Baseline Report emphasizes the need for transparency and validatable impressions in an environment rife with sophisticated adversaries.

Measurements in this year's Bot Baseline Report are taken from ANA participants and customer data in the White Ops platform.

In the report we share:

  1. Measurements of SIVT among some of the biggest brands on the planet.
  2. The first coverage analysis of its kind, taking into consideration third-party ad server impressions as compared to fraud verification metrics.
  3. The good news, the bad news, and where ad fraud is going next.
  4. Steps your organization can take to reduce ad fraud today.